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Well, here I am at last.


Apres Thanksgiving.

Absolutely no pictures taken of the great day we had with Liz and her beau, Bosaya, over early for visiting, gravy-making, and general hilarity. Then Jim Banas and his brother, Ron,all the way from Buffalo, NY came over to join us for dinner. Mum’s wonderful broccoli casserole. A phone call from Robin and Magda in New Orleans. And then today, a wondrously long visit from Miss Liz, herself, all by herself, just for us! I couldn’t ask for anything more. Heaven, just knowing she was safe and sound-she even went off for a nap. Oh, how we love our girl.

Robin in Perugia at Umbria Jazz Festival 2012

Review of the band,Adelaide, Au. Mention made of Robin’s performance.

RAW: Cabaret Festival – Tuba Skinny – Banquet Room – 4.5K

Jun 18th

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Tuba Skinny have a sound and energy which is, strangely, both relaxing and invigorating at the same time. Made up of the expected tuba (Todd Burdick), a trombone (Barnabus Jones), trumpet (Shaye Cohn), guitar (Kiowa Wells), vocals (Wells and Erika Lewis) and washboard (Robin Rapuzzi), this group of young performers create music reminiscent of the speakeasies and jazz clubs of 1920s America. Hailing from New Orleans, they are fresh faced but old souled, injecting heart into the music they play. While they are accomplished musicians, it’s hard to believe they’ve been playing together for five years (two as Tuba Skinny) with their collective age surely not much more than 100.

If you can manage to draw a crowd, the advantage of doing a late night show is that the audience is likely to be made up of the more enthusiastic of show goers. This was the case for this particular performance, with appreciative applause thundering through the banquet room following each number and also mid-song after some of the more impressive solos – particularly Rapussi’s {sic} enthusiastic turns on the washboard.

While a space had been provided for dancing, only a few were brave enough to get up and strut their stuff. Props to those who did, as this music was made to be danced to. There are however certain drawbacks to having a dance floor at such a gig in such a venue. Firstly, when it’s empty, it’s the awkward, vast, elephant in the room. On the flip side, when it’s full, the dancers somewhat block the view of the remaining audience due to the low stage. This problem was compounded by the necessity for two-thirds of the band to be seated. Ultimately though, the music was so enjoyable that although it was disappointing to miss out on the visuals at times, the aural pleasure was enough to leave their audience satisfied.

Review and audio from Australia’s ABC network of the band

Tuba Skinny

18/06/2011 , 4:48 AM by Ashley Walsh


People who like to kick back and enjoy traditional jazz and blues music are in for a treat as the Adelaide Cabaret Festival enters its second weekend.

Tuba Skinny, a six piece band from New Orleans, will take centre stage Late Night in the Banquet Room at the Adelaide Festival Theatre.

The group met in 2009 while performing as street musicians in New Orleans.

During the week lunchtime shoppers at the Adelaide Central Market were given a sneak preview of what they can expect from Tuba Skinny.

Vocalist Erika Lewis describes what they play as people's music, a beat that people can feel, that's not too complicated.

Listen to Tuba Skinny performing at the Central Market and hear more of their story.

Tuba Skinny performs Late Night in the Banquet Room on Saturday June 18th at 10pm and Sunday June 19th at 9pm

Robin in Adelaide, Australia with the band

Redemption Song

Robin and friends N.O.Jazz Festival 2010

Robin at The Bearsville Theatre outside of Woodstock

On Frenchmen Street.